PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_1 (mp4) (mp4)
An introduction to the HS Library Website is provided.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_2 (mp4) (mp4)
A subject heading search that utilizes the explode command is demonstrated.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_3 (mp4) (mp4)
The demonstration of the subject heading searching example is continued.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_4 (mp4) (mp4)
This chapter demonstrates keyword style searching and the use of truncation.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_5 (mp4) (mp4)
The use of Boolean Operators (AND/OR) to combine searches is detailed in this chapter.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_6 (mp4) (mp4)
This chapter demonstrates how to apply Evidence-Based-Practice Filters and limit search results.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_7 (mp4) (mp4)
MEDLINE search results are examined in detail.
PA_MEDLINE_EBP_Chap_8 (mp4) (mp4)
Importing results in RefWorks, creating a bibliography, and accessing full text is examined in this chapter.
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