CINAHL_Chap_1_Introduction (mp4)
An introduction to the CINAHL database and the Health Sciences Libraries website is presented. *PLEASE NOTE: THE LIBRARY WEBSITE HAS CHANGED. PLEASE ACCESS CINAHL VIA:
CINAHL_Chap_2_SubjectHeadings (mp4)
Suggestions related to breaking down a research topic and the use of subject heading searching are provided.
CINAHL_Chap_3_SubjectHeadingsContinued (mp4)
The use of subject heading searching is explored further. Explode and focus commands are demonstrated.
CINAHL_Chap_4_Keywords (mp4)
Keyword search strategies are demonstrated with the use of truncation/wildcards.
CINAHL_Chap_5_CombiningSearches (mp4)
This chapter provides an in depth examination of the use of the AND/OR commands that allow users to combine searches in the CINAHL database.
CINAHL_Chap_6_AddingLimits (mp4)
This chapter details how to refine a search by adding relevant limits such as publication dates, language, etc.
CINAHL_Chap_7_ExaminingResultsILL (mp4)
The results of a search are examined in this chapter. Access to full text and interlibrary are discussed.
CINAHL_Chap_8_SavingSearchResults (mp4)
This chapter demonstrates how to create an account in the CINAHL database so users can retain their search strategies and results.
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